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Do you know how to choose a health care proxy?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Firm News |

While constructing your will, you may struggle with deciding on a health care proxy. You know this person will make medical decisions in your stead should you become incapacitated, but you do not know who this person should be. 

Forbes offers some guidelines to help you select a medical care advocate for your medical care. Learn how to entrust your voice to someone who can take the role seriously. 

Respects your wishes 

No matter if you have a Do Not Resuscitate order or do not mind doctors putting you into a medically induced coma, your health care proxy should respect your wishes, even if she or he does not agree with them. Besides religious beliefs, your proxy’s emotional bond with you may lead her or him to have a hard time honoring your desires. 

Asks questions  

While medical professionals have the experience and education necessary to make good health care decisions, those choices may require questioning. Is everyone on your list of health care proxy candidates willing to question a doctor or nurse’s decision regarding your medical care? This person does not have to have a medical background, but a willingness to do more than simply comply could benefit you. 

Knows about the designation  

Being chosen as a loved one’s health care proxy should not come as a surprise when that loved one becomes incapacitated. Be sure you share your final candidate decision with your chosen proxy. That way, the person can refuse if she or he does not feel qualified, or better educate him or herself on the role. 

Deciding on an individual to make medical decisions for you may seem depressing, but it is a necessary part of the estate planning process. Keep the above in mind to better your overall sense of peace. 

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