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Workplace injuries: Look at the ground to prevent falls

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Uncategorized |

In your workplace, you want to feel safe. Unfortunately, there are situations in which hazards can result in significant injuries, leaving you and co-workers suffering.

One of the things that may be a risk to you while working is holes in the ground. Thinking about your workplace, do you dig trenches or have manholes that could be uncovered? If you don’t notice them or they aren’t marked, could you fall and injure yourself? Possible injuries from holes, changes in the gradient of the ground and falls could include anything from brain injuries to broken ankles.

How can you avoid injuring yourself in a hole or when the floor level changes?

For something like a manhole, it’s essential that the open hole is marked and blocked off. When the hole isn’t in use, the cover should always be placed back so that someone can step on it safely. For changes in the gradient of the ground, such as a sharp drop-off on a hill, there should always be signage or some kind of marking to let you know of the change.

In 2016, 134 people were killed by falling at the same level. There are ways to prevent these trips and falls, though, like making sure you are looking at where you’re walking and scan the work area for potential hazards before entering. Workers should also use slip-resistant shoes and discuss the tasks taking place with co-workers.

It’s not always easy to prevent accidents on the job, but by taking a few moments to assess the area around you, you could avoid falling into a trench, uncovered manhole or getting hurt in another accident.

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