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Before getting married, consider why couples get divorced

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Ideally, when a couple gets married in Rhode Island, it is a commitment that they are going to adhere to until death. In order for partners to prevent divorce, it is a good idea to understand why many couples end their marriages. Here are some common reasons one lawyer found based on their own cases.

Incompatibility on personal levels

Couples are encouraged to have the tough conversations while they are dating. They should talk about their religious, racial and national beliefs, especially if they plan to have children. Once a couple is married, they may feel like they do not know their spouse otherwise, which could cause friction.


There is no one reason why a spouse will cheat on the other; every case is different. Once it gets out into the open, it can be disastrous for the marriage. It also becomes a safety issue because STDs can easily be contracted.

Violence in the marriage

Whether there is domestic violence or cruel treatment in a marriage, neither is healthy for the relationship. Serious conflicts could end with terrible consequences, so a divorce is an alternative.

Lack of understanding

Lack of understanding can end a marriage. Whether the spouse is correct or not, their feelings are worth understanding.

Lack of kinship

Lack of kinship or intimacy is just as detrimental to a marriage as lack of understanding. Once emotional distancing occurs, it could lead to other negative consequences such as cheating.

Financial issues

Marriages with financial issues end when there is sufficient money as well as lack of money. If a couple cannot agree on how to manage their funds, it leads to problems.

If you are already married and are finding that it is not working, you can explore your divorce options. Simply speak with a family law legal professional who may be able to offer some advice.