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Car crash leads to 2 ejections, critical injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you’re driving with others in your vehicle, you take care not to go too fast and make sure you’re paying attention to the road. Doing anything wrong could end up causing a crash, and those you love and care about could suffer the consequences.

It’s common to hear about crashes in Rhode Island, and this one on Interstate 95 is a good one to talk about. It happened when a single vehicle went off the road near Exit 7 of the highway. The car went off the road, hit a number of trees and ejected the two people inside the vehicle.

Both had to be taken to the hospital. One was in critical condition, while the other reportedly had nonlife threatening injuries. It’s not clear what caused the crash, though the police believe that speeding might have been one factor.

Can you make a claim if the driver of the vehicle you’re in makes a mistake?

In a single-car crash, you may think that there is no one who could make a claim. That’s not necessarily true, though. Passengers who are involved in crashes may be able to seek compensation for the injuries they suffer as a result of a driver’s mistakes. If you’re in the passenger seat or rear when your friend or family member is driving, you may still be covered by their insurance in the case of an accident involving injuries. In that case, you can make a claim and seek compensation to help you cover the cost of your care and other financial losses. Your attorney can help you make a claim following a crash like this since the process may be complex.

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