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Can you help your child feel more secure after divorce?

| May 1, 2021 | Family Law |

Children are usually resilient, but parents must carefully consider how much change their kids go through during a divorce. Parents must find ways to help their children reduce their stress and anxiety so that they can feel better in both homes.

You have to think about what your children need and enjoy so you can tailor what you do to make them feel more comfortable with their transition between you and your ex’s homes. There are several details to consider when you’re trying to help them cope with your divorce. 

Give the child their own space

Your overwhelming goal should be letting your child know that they belong at your place. You should give your child an entire room to make their own whenever you can. 

If you live in a small apartment where that’s not possible, then you should at least find a way to give your child their own space. Having a drawer or another area to place their things may be ideal in such a situation. 

Make child-friendly activities acceptable

Find fun things to do with your child. These activities might include building a blanket fort or having a movie night in the living room. Activities like these will give your child something to look forward to when transitioning from one house to the other. 

Set the rules quickly

Some parents choose to let the kids do things that they typically wouldn’t allow to soften the transition between their homes. This sets a bad precedent and can confuse the child, so be sure that you establish your home rules from the start. 

How to create predictability in your child’s life

Knowing what to expect can also help your child cope with your divorce. Getting a parenting plan in place quickly makes this possible. Once you have it set, you can help them to settle into their new routine. 

Your attorney can go over the many different factors you’ll want to consider when crafting a parenting plan so that your child’s interests are best protected. 


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