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When someone’s tailgating you, take these 3 steps

On Behalf of | May 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Dealing with a tailgater is an annoyance that most drivers wish they could avoid. Someone who drives too close to the rear of your vehicle is greatly increasing the risk of a collision. They may hit you if you have to stop suddenly or if they aren’t paying attention and you start to slow down.

There are some things you can do to help yourself if someone is tailgating you. Here are the steps you can take to stop the situation from escalating and avoid a crash with a tailgater:

1. Gradually slow down

To start with, if someone is tailgating you and you need to stop, start slowing down as soon as you can and reduce your speed over time. Doing that gives the tailgater more time to see that you’re slowing down and may help you avoid a rear-end crash.

2. Move out of the way

Another excellent tip is to move out of the way when you can. If you’re on a two-lane road, it might be difficult to move out of the way, but slowing down and pulling over to allow the other person to pass is smart if you can do it. 

If you’re in a three or four-lane area, put on your signal and move to the right or left to allow the driver to pass. Give them plenty of time to see your signal before you start to move, and then move over swiftly once you decide to do so.

3. Call the police

If you have an aggressive driver behind you or they have nearly hit you, it’s time to place a call to the police. Give the police your location and a description of your vehicle as well as the one behind you. If an officer is nearby, it may only take a few minutes for them to pull the other vehicle over and talk to the driver. 

These are three tips to help you stay safe on the road with a tailgater. If they do hit you and cause an auto collision, remember that you can hold them financially responsible. 

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