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2 reasons to report that seemingly minor workplace accident 

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Things go wrong at work every day. Most workers dismiss minor incidents and try to move on with their days. They don’t tell their manager about what happened and just continue working until the physical effects of the injury disappear.

Although that may be the fastest way to handle an incident on the job, it is definitely not the safest. There are very good reasons to report incidents that happened at work, even if the injury doesn’t seem serious at first.

Some injuries will just get worse with time

An injury to your head or your abdomen may seem minor at first. However, it could result in ongoing internal bleeding that can become dangerous.

You might also have minor cut or burn that develops into a severe infection and requires time off of work. You never know how bad a work injury will become. If you wait too long to report it, you will not usually have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have to miss work, a report protects you

Most employers have strict attendance policies. The more days you miss, the more likely it is for you to possibly face career consequences ranging from a write-up to a termination for your absence.

If you miss work because of a job injury, your employer can’t retaliate against you by writing you up or firing you. You may also eventually qualify for short-term disability benefits if your leave of absence is long enough.

Recognizing the value of reporting an injury and claiming workers’ compensation can help you protect yourself after a workplace accident.

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