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3 things that may help you ascertain blame in a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Personal Injury |

An auto crash can leave you dazed and confused, and you might not recall what happened. If you come around to find the other driver telling the police it was all your fault, then you might wonder if they are telling the truth. If you cannot remember what happened, it makes it challenging to offer an alternative view.

Many factors can lead to a vehicle collision, so it is vital to investigate all the possibilities to determine the cause and get the compensation you need. If someone is vehemently trying to blame you, they may have something to hide.

Look around for clues at the crash site

Hopefully, the police will carry out a breathalyzer test so you can be sure the other person had not been drinking. Yet, there are many other clues that a driver is responsible for a wreck that do not require a test. Here are three of them:

  1. Think about what the other driver says and how they act: If the driver is agitated and asking the police if they can go yet, maybe they were running late and speeding, which is why they crashed.
  2. Look at what they are wearing? Strappy sandals may have led to them pressing the wrong pedal and accelerating instead of braking.  If they were not wearing glasses at the time of the crash, yet you later find out they usually do, that too may be a contributing factor.
  3. Look at their vehicle: Does it seem well maintained, or is it a rust bucket that could have had a mechanical failure that caused the crash?

Getting maximum compensation in a car crash is never easy. The more details you can remember, the better the chance of turning up a critical piece that shows the other driver is to blame for your injuries.

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