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5 questions to ask if marriage counseling isn’t working

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Family Law |

When people feel like their marriage is failing, many couples will seek out some kind of marriage counseling to help them resolve their issues. Marriage counseling can be a great way of fixing marriage when couples can’t find a middle ground to agree on. 

Marriage counseling doesn’t promise a marriage will get better, however, and issues may still go on long after therapy sessions have started. If you’re finding issues are still coming up in your marriage, you may need to ask these questions:

1. Is your spouse hiding facts during counseling sessions?

Therapy often doesn’t work if people aren’t being honest. If you believe your spouse is hiding facts during therapy, then there may not be any issues fixed in your marriage.

2. Does your spouse need personal therapy?

Marriage counseling is for couples to work out their issues. If your spouse has issues unrelated to your marriage, it may be delaying the effects of therapy.

3. Will marriage therapy only be a temporary solution?

Marital therapy may only solve issues temporarily. These marriage problems may resurface or never go away despite therapy.

4. Is marriage counseling eating up your life?

You and your spouse may be dedicating hours of your life each day or week to therapy. This could put excessive strain on your life and make you even less happy about your circumstances. 

5. Was therapy the last attempt at saving your marriage?

Some people believe their marriage has been long over before therapy ever started. Marital counseling may be a last-ditch effort for your marriage, but it may still not help.

If you believe marriage therapy isn’t working for you, you may need to take the next steps to secure a happier life. You may need to reach out for legal assistance when knowing your divorce options.