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For what reasons can your RI workers’ comp be denied?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

A workplace accident can prove costly to the employer and the employee alike. If a workplace accident results in injuries, or if you contract an illness that is attributable to your job (like mesothelioma), you may be eligible for financial restitution through your employer-funded workers’ compensation program

However, workers’ comp laws are quite complex. It is not uncommon for what are otherwise genuine claims to be denied for a variety of reasons. If your claim is denied, it is in your best interest that you understand where you dropped the ball (if at all you did) as well as whether your claim is appealable or not. 

Here are two common reasons why most workers’ comp claims are denied:

Overlooking important timelines

If you are hurt while performing an employer-sanctioned task, Rhode Island law requires that you inform your employer in writing about your injuries within 30 days. Failure to report your injuries within the stipulated time frame can risk your claim in two ways: 

  • Your employer may not be able to effectively investigate your claim and file an incident report 
  • Your employer and the insurance company will likely question the authenticity of your claims 

Alongside reporting the accident, it is important that you file your claim within the statute of limitations period; and in Rhode Island, this is two years from the date of the accident that caused your injury. 

Your injuries were not work-related

Workers’ comp is designed to compensate employees whose injuries or illnesses are directly attributable to their jobs. That said, your injury can be deemed non-work-related if there is no medical report linking it to your job. This underpins the importance of seeking treatment as soon as possible following a workplace accident. 

Workers’ compensation can be a welcome lifeline if you are hurt on the job. Find out how you can boost your odds of filing a successful claim and receiving the compensation you deserve for your work-related injuries or illness.