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We Defend Drivers Facing DUI Charges

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving anywhere in Rhode Island, the advice and representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid the worst consequences of a conviction. Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., is ready to advise you through this challenging time.

In some cases, we can get the prosecution to change the DUI charge to a nonalcohol-related violation such as reckless driving. If we can present a defense on such grounds as unreliable Breathalyzer evidence or lack of probable cause to stop your vehicle, we’ll even present your case at a suppression hearing or trial.

Contact a criminal trial attorney at Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C. to learn about your options for resolving a DUI arrest on the most favorable terms possible under the facts and the law.

Our Comprehensive Defense Approach

We not only look for every opportunity to convince the prosecution to reduce or dismiss DUI charges, but we also help you to resolve any problems with your driver’s license. Conviction of any drunk driving charge in Rhode Island results in a mandatory suspension of 3-18 months, depending on your blood alcohol content, any prior DUI convictions in Rhode Island or other states and the age of the driver.

Felony DUI charges can be filed in cases involving injury accidents, fatal collisions, or hit and run. Our criminal trial attorneys can represent you in drunk driving cases that expose you to the risk of imprisonment.

Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights And Privileges

At Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., our experience with the defense of DUI charges and related license suspension proceedings can assure you that every promising avenue toward a favorable resolution will be identified and pursued. To learn more about your legal alternatives for putting a drunk driving arrest behind you, contact one of our criminal defense attorneys at 401-329-0693.