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Support Your Aging Loved One Through Guardianship

As a person ages, they may begin to lose the ability to take care of themselves financially or physically. When appropriate, one of their adult children or another loved one can seek guardianship, which grants the legal ability to represent and care for them.

While guardianships can be beneficial for a vulnerable adult, the process is rarely simple. Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., has a long history of helping families in Rhode Island protect their loved ones. We can guide you through the process of seeking or disputing a guardianship.

Guardianships Are Complicated, Yet May Be Necessary

One of the most difficult aspects of a guardianship is that it removes a loved one’s ability to make important decisions for themselves. Therefore, courts only approve guardianships when the individual has a clear need for someone else to make these decisions – and there are no better alternative solutions.

Our experienced elder law attorneys can assist you with seeking a guardianship, including:

  • Evaluating and refuting other options for the security of your loved one, such as powers of attorney
  • Completing court forms accurately
  • Notifying the individual and other family members of your petition
  • Working with the court’s neutral investigator to explain the reason for guardianship

Guardians must complete essential duties, but they cannot overstep their limitations. If the court approves guardianship, we can help you properly care for your loved one according to your legal obligations.

Guardianship Disputes Are Often Personal In Nature

When one family member seeks a guardianship over a parent or relative, other family members might disagree. Furthermore, the individual themselves may choose to contest the guardianship.

Guardianship disputes can be emotionally and legally challenging. Complex personal conflicts can rise to the surface during these cases. Families may be concerned about elder abuse, financial abuse, undue influence, inheritance issues, neglect and other possible problems.

Our attorneys understand how to treat these cases with sensitivity and professionalism. We will work with you to resolve a dispute – whether you are the party seeking or contesting the guardianship. We can also represent you in an appeal, modification or guardian removal case.

We Can Provide Professional Legal Advice

Guardianships are not only available for the elderly; they can also protect minors and incapacitated adults of all ages. We can help you evaluate the potential need for guardianship for your loved one. Call 401-329-0693 or email us to discuss your case with a trusted attorney.