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We Strive To Protect Parent-Child Relationships

Any divorce involving minor children presents potential problems as to child custody and visitation – if not now then later. A child custody lawyer at Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., can provide dependable answers to tough questions concerning all children’s issues. We represent divorcing, divorced and unmarried parents all over Rhode Island in these cases.

The Best Interests Of Your Children Guide Your Case

Most child custody and visitation issues are resolved by agreement between the parents. Our lawyers can help you define and achieve your objectives as a parent on terms consistent with the best interests of your children and the other parent’s rights – which is exactly what the court will expect from you. When agreements cannot be reached, our attorneys can pursue a positive outcome at trial.

Child Custody Disputes And Allegations Of Parental Unfitness

It is not always possible to resolve child custody and visitation issues through reasoned negotiation during divorce. Families with a history of chemical dependency, domestic violence or child abuse will sometimes call into question the fitness of one parent or the other for primary custody or unsupervised visitation. We advise and represent parents on either side of an allegation of parental unfitness.

If you are legitimately concerned about the safety of your children under the supervision of the other parent, we’ll make sure that your points are fully documented and clearly understood by the court. If you happen to be the parent whose ability to care for your children is called into question, we will help you gain a better understanding of your responsibilities and get you the help you need to improve your performance as a parent.

Contact A Custody And Visitation Lawyer

We advise about child custody modification, enforcement of child custody orders, parental relocation issues, paternity determination and the visitation rights of grandparents. For additional information and constructive solutions for your situation, contact us at 401-329-0693.