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Securing Fair Financial Support For Children

When a divorce involves minor children, it will always be necessary to make certain that the custodial parent has the financial support required to raise the child. In some cases, one parent might need to contribute child support. However, the order must be reasonable for the child and both parents.

A family law attorney at Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., can provide trustworthy guidance. We represent divorcing, divorced and unmarried parents all over Rhode Island in child support cases.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

The calculation of child support requires an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the Rhode Island Family Court Child Support Formula, also referred to as child support guidelines. Every case is different, and the support guidelines are based on numerous factors, which include each parent’s income, the needs of the child and the available resources of the parties.

If there are issues of one spouse hiding income or errors in calculations, the ability to get fair child support payments may be jeopardized. Additionally, there are situations in which the guidelines must be deviated from. For example, if one or both of the parents have extremely high incomes or the child has special needs not accounted for in the guidelines. Our goal is to make certain that child support payments are fair to parents and the child.

Contact A Child Support Modification Lawyer

We advise about child support modification in cases where changes in circumstances require it, such as when one spouse has lost a job or received a pay increment, or college expenses or other unexpected costs need to be covered for the child. We also handle enforcement of child support obligations in default. For additional information and constructive solutions for your situation, contact us by calling 401-329-0693.