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Dependable Advice Throughout Your Divorce

At the law firm of Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., our family law attorneys help our clients come to grips with the full range of problems that dissolution of your marriage can present: legal, financial and personal. We know that the decisions you’ll make in your divorce case will have lasting consequences on your relationships with your children, your financial security and even your choice of residence.

For practical and personalized advice that helps you get the rest of your life off to the right start, contact a divorce lawyer at Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C.

Divorce Is Complex, But We Are Experienced

Our family law attorneys protect your interests and advance your objectives by working with you at every stage of a divorce, from initial separation to enforcement of spousal or child support orders long after the final decree. We advise our clients about such issues as the following:

  • Interim arrangements for residence, child custody, child support, spousal support and payment of marital debts
  • Negotiated agreements for division of the marital property
  • Availability and duration of alimony payments from one spouse to the other
  • Child custody and visitation issues
  • Modification or enforcement of any ongoing commitment

We give you the legal information you need to make the right decisions in light of your rights and responsibilities. We help you formulate your goals and go to work to achieve them through negotiations, mediation or contested court hearings, whichever appears best suited for your situation.

Working For A Fair Property Award

In divorces between childless couples, couples with grown children or couples with family business assets, the property division issues are likely to be the most difficult issues to resolve. Our experience with the valuation and division of substantial marital estates can help ensure that your interests are fully protected as we work toward a fair property settlement. Whenever necessary, we work with financial experts, tax planners or investigators so that you can realize the full value of your share of the marital property.

Dissolving a marriage is a difficult process for many people. We do our best to help you through the personal transition of divorce just as we protect your legal interests. Most people confronting the challenge of divorce have a lot of life ahead of them, and we want you to make the most of it.

Prepare For Your Divorce

For additional information about our ability to represent Rhode Island divorce clients effectively and compassionately, contact a lawyer at Revens, Revens, St. Pierre & Wyllie, P.C., at 401-329-0693.